You want to sell your home – you don’t want to turn your life upside down – you want to sell fast … IN GENERAL … You want a lot of things!

There are a few things that nearly every home seller can do to make their home more appealing – without repairs – without pretending you don’t live in the house – and without spending a million dollars.

Step One: Be realistic

Pricing Matters: If your home is a gem – that’s great – great homes are hard to find – but if you want your home to sell fast you want to present it as a deal (a catch); who doesn’t want a great catch? We’ll even fight over it if it’s that great. So price your home well and make it visually appealing.

Step Two: How to make it visually appealing?

Start by giving the house and everything in it a great clean – yes, even the green spot left behind from your brief experiment with ‘slime’ (That stuff is EVIL)! If you need to hire a housekeeper to come in and do this – SPEND THE MONEY – it will pay off for you in the long run. Make sure you get rid of any and all garbage and allow the home to smell fresh.

Step Three: What to do with your clutter?

Are you REALLY taking ‘that thing’ with you? Now is a great time to start throwing away, giving away or donating things you don’t want or need. I’ve been in some super neat homes … we all have junk! You can donate your items to GoodWill; Habitat for Humanities or a local cause that means something to you.

After you’ve sorted through and removed everything that you can; make sure to keep everything neat and organized through the sales process.

Step Four: Your Curb Appeal will make or break you

I have driven up to homes and decided (from the road) that I don’t want to see them. The place can be a palace inside, but if I don’t want to deal with the work of making the home beautiful, there is a chance I’d pass up on the house.

Step Five: Make Sure that Everyone Everywhere knows your home is for sale!

You can do everything right – and STILL not sell your home. Marketing is essential – of course I would love for everyone everywhere to just call me and tell me to sell the house for them – but, since we live in the real world let me give you some tips based off what I would do.

  1. Take great photos of your house and publish them everywhere, social media, real estate websites, group and network boards. Anyplace and everyplace you can think of. Use an app and make a slide show that last less than one minute.
  2. Create a short one page website for your home – Name your page
  3. Post your photos on your website, social media pages and any real estate specific websites you decide to use.
  4. When your home is listed on the MLS, it get syndicated to dozens of outlets. You must do the same, look for ways to syndicate your listing to it reaches many people.
  5. Put a large and clear sign on your lawn telling people that you are selling your home – and – where they can get information.

The list of course goes well beyond these few steps – most realtors have 50 to 100 points of action we take per house we sell – if you ever just want to talk about selling your home – you want a market evaluation – or, you need someone to take over and do it for you… I will keep myself available.

Shellie A. Carter
eRealty Advisors